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The non support “support”

Here are some remedies if you were ever told to try something you always wanted to try and received no support.

As a Sovereign you already know what that entails, but that process was already there, how many times have you heard; the black community doesn’t support each other. It’s true, if you’re not cooking at a free cookout or filming a rap video you might be nerd, girl, or wonder how come black people haven’t created a site like tik tok then i remembered the critical race theory and laughed. Long story shortened I often wonder why people are so unsupportive, is it because they’re struggling themselves? Is it because they tried and failed?

Who knows. I also want to share something because you mentioned risk a lot; risky is the new safe – everyone can succeed if they put their mind to it, sure it might take years upon years of strenuously hard work, but it’ll happen.

On the other hand, living the corporate life and climbing up the ladder in a fortune 500 company is risky in my honest opinion. It might seem easier to get there, no doubt it is (you have people telling you what to do all the time), BUT who says you’re gonna like the job? Is it your dream/passion? If not, then it’s a risk. You risk losing happiness, you risk losing years of your life to something you don’t even enjoy.

That’s my perspective, as outlandish as it may seem. It is really hard to keep on going when people always tell you that you can’t do it, but then I always rememember that I shouldn’t let myself be molded by what people say ( unless it’s constructive criticism).

I’ve never really had too many supportive people in my own life. I even made it a conscious decision to not tell most of my friends and family about my site and what I’m currently doing. All they know is that my site opened up tons of jobs and opportunities for me, but if they knew the exact details then I would be criticized. It’s bad that you can’t tell your friends and family about your site. They are the ones that should be your biggest followers and supporters. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes sometimes. especially for us, i decided to write on this learning how to create our world is the most powerful tool even when you have to leap in and make mistakes trying gives you more confidence.

I find that it is best to accept this reality and block out their negativity. No one needs people to bring them down because life is hard enough as it is. Focus on the people who bring you up and support you when you need it because that is how you move on without any weight on your shoulders.

Ocean and sand
The end is just a new beginning


What is it that you’ve always wanted to do? Is your dream to build a van and travel the world, write a book, be an actor or run your own business… whatever your heart is calling, if you want to pursue it, you need to get really clear on exactly what it is.

Like, crystal clear! Write it down or put it on a vision board and list the steps you need to take to achieve it. 

Sand and ocean

Discover yourself always

I always find a way to succeed, here are some examples _____,_____,______ (fill the blanks)
I am enough
I can achieve whatever I set my mind to
I believe in myself
I deserve to be happy and successful

Clear water at the beach
It sounds simple, but it’s so important! To achieve a dream, you have to believe in it yourself. We all have negative thoughts, but if you consciously reverse them, you’re more likely to succeed.
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