The Terrible Truth About The Black And Brown “Community”

Well, first let me drop a bombshell. There is no black and brown alliance aw no really? Sorry, that’s it. The word brown is really code for interacial couple’s families that are semi adjacent to the black community.

Yes, they are already “othered” so why are latinos the main go to when people think black and brown alliance? Becuase New York and California. That ideal alliance would benefit elite black leaders in politics, clergy, hollywood, etc. It doesn’t work becuase there’s no structure whether it’s finance or politics and most of this is the black communities fault who is leading the community is up for debate.

I know this, it’s a combination of pimps, playas, and clergymen. They a ling time ago sculpted this political landscape hoping to have made racial enhancement among black males have always been suspected if i just confirmed your suspension therefore also admitting that colorism is and was around it was just called the brown paper bag test. notice the word brown. There you have it, this is your real brown alliance which never really got off the group becuase other brown affiliated group closed in on that market and absorbed mix raced black people. identifying as black is an option, this is the truth to why there is discourse to whom is black.

I don’t have a problem with this, I have since claimed my own community. People think that “you don’t have a right to say anything” when you ex communicate blackistan nothing is to be said. The stalking, threats, acts of violence, and slander are very real. Usually, abuse which is rampant in the black male identified struggle leaves little to no love in a community that already has issues with parenthood, marriage, literacy, and economy. Those aren’t little issues; if this were a disease it would be heart condition or something akin. On the surface of things divestment seems to be about vanity of the preference for men of other races, the truth is it about statistics.

The statistics is what really have been silenced for otherwise we’d just be called annoying goofy and naive. The fact that we didn’t jump on the oppression train becuase we see flaws that need to be internally fixed, or nothing changes is what really pisses folks off. The statistics suggest to me that violence is glorified, defensive mannerisms, most mammies have huge attitudes always irritable is their demeanor what good are the ‘least desired’ well, politically, and life experience says they do better by not contributing to the dismal statistics. About the actual political gains? they’ve all been geared towards social justice.

The black and brown alliance basically acknowledges interacial pairings between males and females it is also where many black americans began to believe that their great grandma was “indian” therefore it counteracts all the black nevertheless if it is true it is not in the majority. Since scientifically a dark race had to have come first this is also applied deceptively. “black” men would marry indian women and claim their race for their children basically.

Yes, you read that right. Black male hoteps try to rewrite history sadly for you, you can find native americans from russia to guyana they’re not as dead as everyone thought. there’s actually less negroids. Nakers are cowards and always have used women to fight for them. The group comparisons of native americans and hispanics is politics and that’s your black and brown alliance. Another myth/lie is that there are more women… I will explain that one on another post.

Published by dottieheart

Self described anti blackistan course corrector anti left and brain rot brainwash. That is the intellectual side, i am also loving and like spending time with my family, bbq picnics, zoo, camping, and amusement park. not too much different from the rest of my community.

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