Dusty Nakers celebrate Chauvin conviction

To understand the chauvin trial is to understand the background of woke leftist culture and what it means for communities groomed to take pity on criminals on account of manhood.

What is it like for the women and children in said communities? Harriet Tubman has a less quoted saying then her famous one of freeing a thousand slaves. She mentioned in her memoir that women slaves are to be freed as well. Before you die of shock, yes, their was black men who did not believe black women slaves should be freed that rights of negro women should handed down to black men instead.

Wait? What? I know. I know. Especially if you’re a diabolical social justice warrior. You will re-read the previous sentence. The argument the freemen made in many instances is that negro men brought in all the money and that women slaves had less value, and the constitution said that all “men” are born equal and indeed it does.

So, why would a negro male want a woman slave of less value? And here is where the Divested sub culture that is often misidentified with worship of white zaddy comes in. This is a multi-faced question that requires the knowledge of historical and current black communities globally.

First the black communities put the man first which would be okay if their was reciprocity handed down to the women and children through healthy families and marriages but that is not the case in general so what you have is submission of women and children to lack conditions. Many times one or both parents are incarcerated and state guardians are often abusive.

Social credit and revisionist history helps black identity extremist push along policies that often leftist politicians call just causes so a never ending cycle of single mothers babies grow up either play a ball sport, go to prison die by officer or gang affiliation and damnit sometimes all of the above happens.

To start a gangsta rapper career one needs to be shot, sent to jail, or have a case. If the pro crime poet can live past 35, become a “loveable” figure like snoop dogg has, and be celebrated for “keeping it real” and pimping hoes. Hello, DMX anyone. But has anyone noticed they die broke? Victim mentality created a vacuum of mass incarcerated under parented economically disadvantaged victims of self grandstanding. Why should you learn how to read when you can carry fake money and blame the world? It is trendy to make excuses, riot, and exploit the past to excuse degenerate behavior, nakers celebrate but still haven’t made any progress.

To hell, with that right? So what does my subculture believe in? I will tell you now we don’t have any victim foodstamps to pass out, and we are not necessarily political.

Welcome Aboard

Published by dottieheart

Self described anti blackistan course corrector anti left and brain rot brainwash. That is the intellectual side, i am also loving and like spending time with my family, bbq picnics, zoo, camping, and amusement park. not too much different from the rest of my community.

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